Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 5-July 20th

We got up early today to head to Tuskegee University. It was amazing to see such an important part of history. We were met by Dr. Desmond G. Mortley who has farming experience with the Moso Bamboo. It was very interesting to see the various plants and learn of the different qualities of the plants and experiments being conducted at Tuskeegee. Perharps the biggest benefit was that Dr. Mortley was  able to confirm some assumptions and answer all the questions we had about the Moso Bamboo.

 Dr. Desmond G. Mortley 
The Moso bamboo was at an early stage in life, waiting to mature and be transplanted into a field. It was interesting to see the process used to maintain the bamboo.

 Dr. Desmond G. Mortley  explaining the root system of sweet potato plants

For lunch, we ate at Golden Corral in Montgomery. The food was amazing, however, many of us had eyes bigger than our stomachs.

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