Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 3 - The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

Our day got off to a good start by having a healthy breakfast at Subway. We met the high school students at the local Methodist church’s youth annex because the Chamber of Commerce was not open. The agenda for the day was branding. Students broke up into groups to brainstorm taglines and logos for the county. The creative juices coming from the groups were overwhelming. Creative slogans and taglines were shared and even artistic logos were presented. A variety of these taglines and logos will be featured in future brochures and websites associated with the county.

(Picture taken at the Annex)

After a quick lunch at Hardees, the group came back to the annex to continue our work. Taking the taglines and logos from the morning, we began putting together ideas for two brochure types: tourism and retirees. One group filed through hundreds of photos that would fit our tourism and retiree themes. The other group began detailing a logo that would go on the brochures. The meeting ended with a compilation of photos and a finished logo.

(Picture taken at the Smith's Home)

For the evening our group was graciously invited to have dinner with Lathrom and Garland Smith at their historic, 1800 Antebellum home. The home was originally built by a crooked lawyer and later purchased on the steps of the courthouse by Garlands great grandfather. As you enter the house you can view the only double cantilevered stairs in an antebellum home, in the state of Alabama. The first floor of the house is mostly in its original condition. After exploring the house and eating a variety of hors d'oeuvres, we all sat down to a candle-lit dinner. Mr. Lathrom cooked succotash and pork tenderloin with tomatoes and raspberry vinaigrette. It was delicious! During the dinner, Lathrom and Garland offered us many suggestions on the project and praised us for the work already done. After dinner Garland treated us all to delectable, fresh peaches and vanilla ice cream.

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