Monday, July 11, 2011

Who are We are / What is the Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project?

Welcome to the official blog site for the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Business (SoB) Student Volunteers/Scholars and Faculty for the Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project. Students from the UAB school of Business are developing a marketing plan for the local chamber of commerce in Wilcox County. The plan is aimed at promoting tourism and retirement opportunities available in the Camden. 
Wilcox County is home to many attractions such as:  

1.The Wilcox County Courthouse/ Public Library-Downtown Camden
Black Belt Treasures -
Wilcox Female Institute
First Presbyterian Church-Downtown Camden
United Methodist Church-Downtown Camden
2. Gee’s Bend Ferry -
3. Gee’s Bend Quilters -
4. Lower Coastal Plain Substation
5. Roland Cooper State Park
6. Bridgeport Public Use Area
7. Gaines Ridge Dinner Club -
8. Snow Hill Institute -
9. Pine Apple Historic District -
10. Millers Ferry Campground -
11.East Bank Public Use Area
12. Training Dike Park
13. Shell Creek Park
14. Clifton Ferry Public Use Area
15. Pine Hill Depot Museum
16. Holleys Ferry Access Point
17. Gullett’s Bluff Park
18. Bear Creek Park
19. Winters Pecans -
20. Alabama River

For lodging, Wilcox county provides hotels and motels such as

1.  Southern Inn -
2.  American Inn
3.  Pine Apple Lodge -
4.  Riverbend Hunting Lodge -

Wilcox County offers a variety of restaurants including :

1.   AL Seafood Market & Restaurant
2.   Broad Street Café
3.   Southern Seafood and Steakhouse -
4.   Hunter’s Run Pub and Grill -
5.   Frankland’s Fried Chicken
6.   Gainesridge Dinner Club -
7.  Hunter’s Run
8.  Jackson Fried Chicken
9.  Pancake House
10. Uncle Red’s Soul Food & BBQ

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