Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 9- The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

Today was the BIG day. The UAB School of Business Dean, Dr. Klock, Associate Deans, Dr. Jack and Dr. Kennedy, and Communications Director, Julie Senter, made the trip down to Camden to hear a presentation on what we have been doing. Joining them from Wilcox County was Sulynn Creswell from Black Belt Treasures, Jim Emerson, a retired activist, John Matthews, a community volunteer and Floyd Harris from the Wilcox Area Chamber.
Daniel and Olu presenting SWOT

The presentation started out with one of our UAB instructors, Jake Gelber, giving a brief introduction. Daniel, Olu, Alex Hutcheson and Ty'Deirdre Soan introduced the SWOT analysis that had been created. Debbie and Allondra Pettway explained how the logo and tagline were formed. They also showed a rough draft of the two brochures that had been created. Next, Eboni and Scouterrious Robinson showed the group the Facebook page and the blog. She briefly described why social networking is a key advertising component. Derek and Caroline Howell presented the suggestions for the Chamber website and Black Belt Treasures website. They also previewed a template of the new Chamber website that had been suggested. Gabby and Hannah Thompson proposed the idea of implementing a business incubator here in the county. Finally, Dr. Oliver briefly explained what we would be doing at the Snow Hill Institute on Wednesday.
Gabby presenting the Incubator

 After hearing our presentation, Dean Klock was ecstatic to see the work that had been done. He mentioned that the project was "something special". He and the Associate Deans had nothing but positive words for the group. They look forward to continuing the work here in Wilcox County. 
Next, the entire group headed to lunch at the marina on the river. The lunch was superb and included burgers, fries, fish and sandwiches.

The UAB students and high schools students left the marina and headed to Black Belt Treasures. Six of the artists that are displayed at the store showed up to be video interviewed by the students. Sulynn will use these video interviews to highlight artists on her website in the future. The six artists had incredible stories behind their artwork and it was a pleasure meeting them and hearing the stories behind the work.
High school students working at BBT

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  1. Excellent presentation! We loved meeting everyone involved and seeing the great plans to move the county forward! Great work!