Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 2 - The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

(Picture taken at the Marina)

We began the day with a chance meeting at the local Hardee’s with some of the high school students whom we have been working with on the Wilcox Co./Camden, AL project. After having breakfast, we headed over to the Chamber of Commerce. To encourage team work and an overall sense of comfort between the two high schools and us, we engaged in an “Ice Breaker” exercise.

In order to further encourage participation and the union of students from all three schools, we broke up into small groups to work on our S.W.O.T. analysis and brainstorm on what business ventures could be undertaken to attract our target markets. We then came back together to discuss and merge our ideas.

Lunch time quickly rolled around. Led by the local students who knew the area, we headed out to eat with a brief stop at the marina that we have been hearing so much about. We had lunch at the Southern Inn Restaurant, enjoying a savory traditional country buffet.

(Picture taken at Black Belt Treasures)

Our next destination was the renowned Black Belt Treasures. Sulynn Creswell, the Director, started by giving us a brief, yet colorful overview of the history and purpose of Black Belt Treasures. Ms. Creswell then led us in a discussion on ideas that we might have pertaining to issues ranging from cataloging and inventory to capturing unreached market segments and web design. Through this discussion, we, the UAB students, developed a deeper understanding of the Black Belt Treasures organization and were able to give several insightful ideas and suggestions. Ms. Creswell then led us on a brief tour of the store, intriguing us with the individual backgrounds of the featured artists and the stories behind their arts and crafts. During the tour, we encountered a surprise guest. It was none other than the one and only Ms. Sharon Dozier, whose paintings have been the most sought after out of almost 400 artists.

Before we knew it, it was time to head back to the Southern Inn. After some brief R & R, we shot across the highway to Hunter’s Run Pub & Grill where we enjoyed another spectacular meal. As we were getting ready to leave, wouldn’t you know it, we ran into more people that we knew; Garland and Lathrop Smith, the lovely couple who have graciously invited us to have dinner with them tomorrow night. We are extremely honored and excited to be here.

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