Sunday, July 22, 2012

Day 7- July 22nd

Sunday in Camden, Alabama. The morning greeted us with sunshine and promises of rejuvenation. While half the Camden Gang slept in, the other half headed out to join the community at the local churches. While Camden may  be tiny when compared to Birmingham, it comes second to none in the diversity of churches and abundance of service times. Some went to the Cottage Church of Christ while the others went to Christian Way Baptist as a guest of Mr. Mathews. Mr. Mathews is a local community hero who has been an invaluable asset to our team both this year and last year.

After experiencing the love of the Fellowship in Camden we headed to Dallas Soul Food where we were once again amazed at how good southern food can be. One member could not believe how good a the yams were and even went as far as to say that they were the best he ever had.

 The rest of the day we spent relaxing at the lake, playing basketball and preparing for the week ahead.

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