Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's our last full day in Camden, and what better way to spend it than visiting and working at Black Belt Treasures. We began our experience at Black Belt Treasures with Ms. Sulynn, the Director, who gave us a brief tour of the shop while educating us on the artwork. After the tour, we headed to the building in the back where we were briefed on what she was looking for from us. After we were briefed, half of the group stayed to brainstorm on ideas on how to use the space to meet organizational goals while the rest of the group headed to the Chamber to finish up our final report.

At the Chamber, the rest of the group worked on finishing the final report which included economic development suggestions for the county as well as feedback from the high school students.

Later in the afternoon, we, the team at Black Belt Treasures, presented and discussed the various options with Ms. Sulynn. She was very pleased and said that we had come up with several ideas that she had not thought of.

We are looking forward to going back to Birmingham, presenting our final paper, and keeping in touch with all the high school students.

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