Friday, July 22, 2011

Day 4 - The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

(Picture taken at Jackson Fried Chicken)

Our day started off with a good ole’ country breakfast at Jackson Fried Chicken. From grits to homemade biscuits to salmon patties, there was something for everyone. While there we ran into the owner, Ms. Jackson. She was tickled for the business and excited to hear about the project. Once our stomachs were full, we headed over to the Chamber to get started on work.

(Picture taken at the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce)

The agenda for the morning was to begin reviewing the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce website. The website is in need of improvement and the students offered many ideas to change it. Derrick Strong, our web designer, will soon begin implementing these changes. Before we knew it, lunchtime arrived. We were so impressed by Miss Kitty’s on Monday that we decided to return for lunch today!

(Picture taken at the Wilcox Area Chamber of Commerce)

The afternoon consisted of reviewing the Black Belt Treasures website, a similar process we used in the morning. Ms. Sulynn Creswell, Director of Black Belt Treasures, had requested any ideas and changes that we could make to improve their website. Just like with the Chamber site, the students had  an abundance of ideas. These ideas will be presented to Ms. Sulynn tomorrow we when head to Black Belt Treasures.

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