Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 8- The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

We were so impressed by breakfast at Jackson Fried Chicken, we decided to go there again this morning. After a delicious meal, we headed back to Black Belt Treasures to continue the work that we started on Friday.

The high school students and UAB students broke up into the same groups from Friday. One group finished typing up descriptions to the pieces of artwork, another tagged the artwork and the third group took photos of the pieces. Once finished we all headed back to the Chamber to enjoy a party tray from Subway for lunch.
Students at Black Belt Treasures

The afternoon was spent prepping for our big presentation on Tuesday morning. Each UAB student was assigned a section of the agenda that we had been working on. A high school student paired up with a UAB student to help plan their part of the presentation. We worked very hard all afternoon in hopes of  impressing our distinguished guests the following morning.

For dinner, we ventured to Larry's Drive-In in Camden. Surprisingly, it was one place we had yet to try! You cannot miss the bright pink and blue drive-in. The drive-in is similar to a Sonic. You can order through a drive thru window or walk up and dine outside. The menu offered a variety of items such as hamburgers, chicken, fish, ice cream and much more! We were able to meet two young ladies from Wilcox Academy, Khaki and Farrah Gaston, whose dad owns the place. They were pleased to hear about the project and had some great ideas to offer the group. We would definitely recommend Larry's because of the scrumptious food and wonderful hospitality!
Larry's Drive-In

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