Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wilcox Co./Camden Project Objectives

The following activities will be executed by the UAB interns in Wilcox County this summer:

1.      Assist Black Belt Treasures business, specializing in retail sales of artistic works, by providing technical assistance for their website: http://www.blackbelttreasures.org

a.       Black Belt Treasures is implementing a barcode point-of-sales retail system that should be in place by 7/15/2011.

b.      UAB students and local high school students can assist this implementation effort by tagging and bar-coding all the artwork and linking them to the website.

c.       UAB students can get hands-on experience with the detailed software issues that are involved with promoting sales of the artwork on the black belt treasures website while managing data and supporting interviews and profiles of the artists.

2.      Develop a marketing plan for the local chamber of commerce.

a.       Both UAB students and the local high school students will help develop a marketing strategy report.

b.      There are two target markets to be addressed: tourists and retirees.

c.       Students will analyze the data and help develop the brand and tag line that the chamber can use for their branding campaign to promote businesses in their area.

d.      Students will also research and develop the information packets for both target markets (i.e., packets for fishermen/hunters and packets for retirees).

e.       Students will investigate the feasibility of the chamber of commerce developing an incubator for a food kitchen that can be used by local start-up businesses.

3. Interns will work with high school students from both the private and public schools .

         a.       Work with the principals from both schools to select participants (one teacher and five students) from each school (total of 10 students and 2 teachers).

b.      UAB faculty and students will work with high school students to develop a written document and presentation about how they view the economic opportunities/possibilities for jobs in Camden.

c.       UAB students will also work with the high school students to expose them to skills that are needed in order to be successful in college (college prep).

d.      Students and teachers will be paid to participate in this program.

4.      Provide services to the Snow Hill Institute, founded in 1893 for the descendants of African slaves.

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