Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 5 - The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

We began the day at the Camden Subway restaurant. As we indulged in a small yet fulfilling breakfast, we chat about all the activities that had taken place earlier in the week. After breakfast, we headed to Black Belt Treasures where the high school students awaited us. Our goal for the day was to aid Mrs. Sulynn, Director of BlackBelt Treasures, with the store website to provide a better online presence.

(Taken at Black Belt Treasures)

We started by getting in our small groups that were assigned at the beginning of the week. Each group was assigned a task and we worked as if we were on an assembly line. It was beautiful to see such teamwork going on. Group #2, headed by Debbie Harris, had the task of separating all the artist photographs and labeling them and filing them for later use.

(Taken at Black Belt Treasures)

Group #1 and Group #3, headed by Derrick and Eboni worked collectively on first getting the measurements for each product to be sold on the website, then labeling each product with numbers for the potography crew, and lastly writing attractive and informative descriptions for each product, which was well done by Debbie, Daniel, and Ty' Deirdre.

(Taken at Black Belt Treasures)
Group #4, headed by Olu, photographed all the inventory in the photo lab and then returned the merchandise back to its original place in the store.

About noon, the group took a break for a hearty lunch at Hunter's Run with guest Mrs. Sulynn and Jim Emerson.  After lunch we returned back to our delegated assignments. At 4 p.m. everyone retired for the weekend. Yay it's Friday!!!

Friday afternoon we went to Southern Inn Restaurant, where we enjoyed yet another delightful dinner. After dinner, we met by the pool to have an informational meeting to discuss our plans for the upcoming visit from the School of Business Dean and Associate Deans. The day was a success.

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