Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 6 - The Wilcox Co./Camden, AL Project

Today gave us a chance to finally recuperate after a long week of work and discussions. We began our day with another trip to Subway. Afterwards, we headed to Buena Vista, a small town with a population of 1 (talk about a massive population).  We meet up with David Steele, a lawyer who is one of the trustees for a family that owns 20,000 acres in the area! Mr. Steele told us how John James Frinklea, the original owner of the land, expressed in his will that he wanted to have the land use for educational and recreational purposes. We made a stop at one of Frinklea’s store which remains committed as the outfitter for the great outdoors. As we were inside, we came across David Steele’s older son who spoke to us about his outlook on the community.

(Taken in Beatrice)

Soon after, we took a small tour around Beatrice. David Steele was so gracious enough to buy us lunch and allowed us to stay in two of his homes that he maintains. Olu, Daniel, Mr. Oliver and his wife ended up staying in the nicer home out of the two while Debbie, Derrick, Eboni, and Mr. Gelber headed back to the motel in Camden for wireless internet usage since there was no wireless internet at either of the two homes.

 (Taken outside Buena Vista)

Both Daniel and Olu were given the tasks to compile and form a comprehensive SWOT analysis from all the documents done from each group. Debbie focused on finishing the brochure while Eboni and Derrick worked on the blog and website. Daniel and Olu figured it would be great to go for a run after reaching a halfway point in forming the SWOT analysis. The two ended up traveling 15 miles to visit a park eventually running a total of 6 miles alongside a country highway!

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